Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Best League in the world?

Well we're only two rounds into the Premier League season and there is already talk about Chelsea being the only team capable of winning the league. Now I'm not one to disallusion the boys of Kings Road, but your first two games have been against relegation candidates WBA and Wigan athletic. You may have scored a total of 12 goals but I don't see you scoring so many against teams nearer yourself in the table. There are still serious concerns about their ageing back line and Cech, a player who clear;y hasn't been the same since his head injury. Maybe they should hold off on that champagne order for now.

As for the new boys, well Blackpool have proved most of the world wrong by actually winning a game. Although wvwn Mr Holloway didn't expect that to continue when they took the journey to the Emirates on saturday. Though to be honest, having read his pre-match interviews I think he was more excited about meeting Mr Wenger than taking his team to the best ground in London. There was some serious bromance comments there, Ian.

To be honest, I don't pay much attention to the table until about 6 games in. Until then it looks about as real as Phil Brown's tan.

Top Hat of the Weekend: Theo Walcott - May this be the time he finally shines?
Twat of the Weekend: Nani - What were you thinking?
Bitter and twisted decrepid old man of the Weekend: Alan Hansen - Have you seen who plays for your team. Cheeky ****!