Monday, 22 August 2011

Oh! Is it okay to strike then?

Tottenham Hotspur must hate the last two weeks of August.

This is the second time in three years that they have seen a player left out of the squad because 'their head isn't right', just after the start of the season. I mean, what kind of stupidness is that?

You are a healthy young man; living the life you always dreamed of and earning million of pounds. But you can't play for 90 minutes because some other club likes the look of you. Luka Modric is just another example of players' having this mad level of power in the game.

It is disrespectful to your teammates + your manager, the club and the fans. You are still employed by them, the least you can do is your job. While they are still paying you, it takes nothing to have a little respect.

I could, have been talking about Samir Nasri as his transfer saga with Manchester City continues. But the Frenchmen did himself a few favours with the Gooner faithful with a spirited performance against Liverpool. After all the club has done for him, the least he can do is see out his notice. Without Arsenal and Mr Wenger, Nasri would not have built the career he has.

Apparently Nasri's deal is on hold because his agent doesn't feel he is getting a good enough payment. You just couldn't make it up! But it will be interesting to see if he does play against Udinese if he is still at the club come Wednesday.

Berbatov did the same, un-right-head excuse before his move to Manchester United went through. When did it become so commonplace to feign 'mental illness' and refuse to get on the pitch?

The club may have decided to sell you but instead of doing things properly, the player takes the decision out of the clubs hands. It must leave a bitter taste in the mouth of all involved. And what about the new club, they know that player will jump as soon as the next big pay day comes along.

Going on strike, courting other clubs in the press and airing your views in the media. It just seems to be increasing by the week.

Football just feels like it's getting messier and more dirty these days. If it's not players' personal scandals, it's the air of corrupt that resides above FIFA and Uefa. And to be honest, I really don't like it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Two Hamstrings and a Fourth Minute Goal!

In the words of the Beautiful South, Arsenal fans may: 'Need a little time to think it over...'

In the words of Natasha Henry, you need: 'To get a bloody grip!'

Alright, I'm gonna be honest. The 90 minutes of football that we've all just watched was far from the best 90 minutes Arsenal have played. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable and nervous at times. But this is football people, what do you expect? If you want calm and serene, go and watch Bowls!

I just feel some of you out there need to get a little perspective about the real state of our team and realise that news of our death is being greatly exaggerated.

Yes, Cesc has left. But come on, we've all been planning for life without him since last summer.

For me last season, Cesc ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. Let me explain. He wasn't at his best for the majority of the season - when he did play - and when he was on the pitch, all other midfielders were looking to him to pull the strings. So when he was having a poor showing, it couldn't help but make those around him more fragile. Imagine what happens to the orchestra if the conductor is out of time.

But he's gone now. Lets regroup and move on quickly because this vitriol coming from the fans AND the press will only start to infect the players.

Whether or not you are happy with players' comments or Mr Wenger's - lack off - transfer dealings you have to support the team. Do any of you think it's actually helpful to boo the team off the pitch or abuse a player as he arrives at a stadium? All it does is make them more complacent and eager to leave. This is the time all who love Arsenal Football club should be pulling together, not tearing ourselves apart.

Of course when it comes down to it, the game is won by the 11 on the pitch. But you only have to visit clubs like Stoke and Blackpool to see the difference a truly supportive fan base can make.

So have a drink, chill out and remember why we love this club in the first place.

And if you decide you only want to be in a relationship with a club that pimps their way to the title, I believe there's a club with less history and soul than us over on the Kings Road. From what I hear, they're not very picky.

Natasha Meets.... Chris Kamara

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Chris Kamara, better known as Kammy.  We were treated to drinks, nibbles and football chat all courtesy of Wash & Go.

He is very much the guy you see on screen; the cheeky sense of humour and the glint in his eye. And that laugh!

Along with others, I was there to discuss Team GB.
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We came up with our team, what would yours be?
Try to predict Kammy's to win an all-expenses paid holiday to Brazil here.