Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bloody Hell Carlos!

Isn't life funny.  My 9-year old cousin rang me after his match on Sunday.  He'd started on the bench, and he wasn't happy, but he eventually came on and scored a goal. I explained to him, that football is a squad game.  The manager makes decisions for a reason and that no-one like a sulker.


Looks like I decided to watch the right Manchester team in the Champions League tonight.

Admittedly, United's 3-3 draw with Basel sounded tasty, but that won't beat the sight of actual sadness in Roberto Mancini's eyes as he told the world:

He [Tevez] refused to go on [the pitch].

Or the sheer anger on Graeme Souness' face on Sky Sports as he described the player as a 'bad egg'.

I think his behaviour or lack off, is frigging ridiculous. To sit on the substitutes bench while your team are losing 2-0 away to Bayern Munich, and to refuse to go out there and try and help your teammates shows me a lot about the man. And a lot more about his lack of character.

I know there are many who hate how much footballers earn and the lifestyle they lead. But that is beyond the point right. This is about a employee who has refused to work for his employer, for no justifiable reason. Simple as.

Okay, we all know he wants to go. He wants to be nearer his family and blah, blah, blah.
No-one is disputing that but as it stands, he belongs to City and until someone else pays his wages he just has to put up, or shut up.

If you feel really that strongly Tevez; then buy yourself out of your contract or go on strike. For all I care go and sit somewhere sunny and wait until the club have to sell you for 25% of their preferred fee. But what you don't do is embarrass the club and disrespect the fans. And please don't do it with all the class of a toddler with toothache.

He has shown a disregard for the club but a complete lack of respect for all those involved. I would love to know the thoughts of David Platt or Brian Kidd on the bench. Two old school football men, and I can't imagine they were too impressed with the Argentinian. They must wish for the days of Clough and Robson when players did what they were told and managers were feared more than the wife. After all their years in the game, it must leave a nasty taste in their mouths.

Mancini has said he will never play for him again and the owners have to back him. For me, he has to leave the club. A precedent needs to be set, both at the club and in the world of football that the clubs are calling the shots. Because for so long, it has felt like the players have too much power. For City to continue to pay him and allow him to stay involved, they would only be confirming the latter. To keep him at the club would be a big two fingers up to the fans who must be completely out of patience with the forward by now.

We always talk about the loyalty in the game, and how quickly it is disappearing. Judging by tonight's events, respect is on the way out too.