Friday, 23 December 2011

Poisoned By Hate!

On the first day of my journalism class, I said to the room of over 30 people that I didn't like people because most people were stupid.  And looking at the favourites on Stan Collymore's twitter today, I'm even more right than I thought.  And at first it made me sad, but then it made me f-ing angry.

What gives other so-called human beings the right to talk to another in this way?  But regardless of what anyone has done in the past, no one deserves the kind of abuse.  Even though the ones he favourited are mostly aimed at Evra, Collymore regularly receives racist abuse.  And for what reason?  Other than they don't agree with his opinions.  Do they even realise how stupid that is?  Or do they not care how stupid that makes them?

People always associate racial abuse with the uneducated and the lower echelons of society but looking at the faces and the bio's of some of those on that list, we can all see that isn't true.  Anyone of any colour, from any nation, of any social standing; can be guilty of hate and bigotry.  Cowardice and ignorance can appear in any face.

While Collymore has been RT'ing these messages I have seen appalled tweet after appalled tweet. 

And I pray that we are in the majority.

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