Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Other Articles I have Written

For those of you who have been asking for links for some of my other articles, here they are:

Is the attitude towards women in football changing?
I don’t know what is surprising me more. The surprise of the world regarding Andy Gray and Richard Keys comments or the media’s leap onto the bandwagon to condemn them. 
Do foreign players get more grief than their English compatriots from the media?
Oh, naughty naughty Cesc Fabregas. Look at him being rude to the referee. And there he is waving an imaginary card at a player. Such a bad, bad boy. And what about Nigel De Jong, with his violence on the pitch and career threatening tackles.

Finding a future through football. 
As an Arsenal fan I was looking forward to seeing Ian Wright involved with football again in the show ‘Football Behind Bars’.  But I came away thinking about more than Wrighty’s impressive vocabulary.   I changed the channel thinking this might actually be an innovative idea, as opposed to just another celebrity helping out the little people.

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