Thursday, 17 November 2011

Black Mark for Blatter!

Is it wrong that I am not at all surprised by the comments from SISA's President.

This was the man who suggested professional women footballers' should wear more revealing kits, in order to attract bigger crowds.
He is also the man who remarked that any gay football fan should 'refrain from homosexual urges' should this wish to attend the World Cup in Qatar.
So, NO, I am not surprised.

I'm more surprised it took him so long to throw his bile at what is currently English football's biggest issue.

His inner cretins, sorry circle excluded, Sepp Blatter has long been out of touch with those of us in the real world.

There was a lot of anger in England following our failed WC bid.  At the time, I was intriqued by how much, maybe I was one of the few who remembered what happened when you did a deal with the Devil.

Our bid team and their intentions were honest, but they missed the biggest point.  That football is now a business first and a sport second.  And just like in business, a gentleman's word is no longer his bond.  When you play with people who have different rules to your own, it is inevitable that you will get burnt.  That's not to say the other bids were less that straight.  Just that they probably knew how to play the game better than we did.

Hopefully we all learnt a lesson because regardless of his latest mindless comments.  playing him at his own game may be the only way to get rid of him.

The English FA did their best not to get him re-elected by politely asking others not to vote him in.  As a tactic, we saw how well that worked.  I don't mean to be crass but that was going t the monkeys when the organ grinders needed to be the first port of call.

I don't know who said it but they were right.  The people who run the money, are the people who run everything.  If we do actually want to do something, then that is where we need to be directing our focus.

I may not have met Blatter, nor do I know him, but I get the sense he has absolutely no intention of resigning.  Although I'd love him to prove me wrong.
So it is down to us to give him that extra push.  From previous comments he doesn't care one iota for either the media or the fans.  So I say let's give him a reason to really dislike us!

It's time to go to FIFA's sponsors.  Their money feeds the monster so taking it away or minimising it, is the first step in the right direction.

We; the media, the fans, the players need to make sure the sponsors realise that any link to FIFA, while Blatter is at the helm will be hugely damaging to both their business and their public relations.

So what can we do:
* Name and shame these sponsors
* Contact them; as the BBC has been doing
* Continue to get involved with campaigns such as Kick It Out, change FIFA and any other organisation that promotes equality and clarity within the game
* Get on twitter, follow and RT the words of people such as Stan Collymore
* Share articles from around the world abut FIFA's ill-dealings

Hopefully the professional football associations will be doing all they can, but as football lovers our part is just as imperative.

And hopefully we will get this inexpediant, obnoxious and downright revolting creature knocked off his perch and out of our game.  Forever.

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