Monday, 7 November 2011


Well, everyone and their guinea pig has been writing these amazing tributes to the great man.  I didn't think there was anything I could say, that hadn't already been said. So I thought I'd just say it, my way.

Congrats Sir Alex on your 25th year,
I hate your club, but hold you dear,
For all you've done for football UK,
And what you have shown us along the way.

A passion that has kept you strong,
And allowed you to have a career so long,
Ability to change and adapt,
Even when the media are on your back.

Many have tried to challenge your strength,
But you've knocked them back, sat chewing on the bench,
There was the so-called special one,
Now over in Spain, poking eyes with his thumb.

King Kenny has returned to put up a fight,
But you will defeat him with all your might,
And my French Professor, who you used to hate,
But with age you have mellowed and he's now your mate.

The amazing talent that you have brought through,
Becks, two Neville's, Scholes and Giggs too,
The titles, the cups, league trophies and shields,
All achieved because of your intense will.

A generation of fans are indebted to you,
But hurry up and retire, so my boys can win a trophy or two!

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