Sunday, 20 November 2011


Andre, oh Andre,
What can you do?
This high line you play,
Is no good for you.

Luiz is too crazy,
Terry to slow,
You better sort it out,
Before Roman tells you to go.

You need to climb the table,
Or win the champions League,
Or a one-way ticket outta London,
Will be all that you need.

Teams used to come to the Bridge,
Happy for a draw,
But the style you now play,
They know they'll get more.

Ask Jose or Phil,
Carlo and Avram too,
They all know,
What you need to do.

Coz Roman's itchy fingers,
Will be pointed at you,
And you will soon see,
You are disposable too!


  1. What the hell, How is this allowed to be on the internet. What a load of bollocks.


  2. It's a joke. Sorry if you don't have a sense of humour.
    Feel free to be miserable elsewhere!

  3. lol

    Oh come on guys. Where is your sense of humour? It made me laugh at silly O'Clock so can't be completely rubbish, (and she didn't even have to mention Torres! or the fact that Cech will soon be wearing full body armour for games).