Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Now you all want to listen to Wenger

So, I beleve there's a lot of people out ther that owe Mr Wenger an apology. For the past two seasons he has been talking about the horror tackles in the Premiership. The danger they place on footballers careers and the need for futher punishment. Well this weekend everyone seems to finally agree with him.

Now, Karl Henry to me is a decent player and a key man for Wolves but what good is he to them now he's suspended after upending Gomez at Wigan. I'm not saying he's dirty or aiming to injure his man but he clearly needs to put more thought into the way he launches into other players on the pitch. I also respect Mick McCarthy fining the player two weeks wages. It shiows he soesn't feel his players style of tackling has any place on the football pitch.

Nigel de Jong on the other hand is a different kettle of fish completely. We all saw him try to cave in Xabi Alonso's chest in the world cup final and a 'tackle' like that isn't down to enthusiasm. In my opinion it's far nearer homicidal tendencies. Again, I'm not saying he went out to hurt a player. But Hatem Ben Arfa's tibia and fibia would be sure to disagree. And so did the Holland coach who removed him from the squad.

Another young promising player has been left facing an operation and lengthy recovery, before he even thinks about stepping on the pitch. That's if the mental scars don't damage him.

As unfortunate as I find it to be discussing this, we've seen three legs broken by match day 7. I certainly don't want to see more.

So what to do? Who has to put their foot down and stop these violent tackles before a career is actually ended. McCarthy and Burt van Marwijk have both made their feelings clear, though Roberto Mancini has been conspicuous by his silence.

I feel it's time for the 'powers that be' to pull their finger out. They want all the power, they've got all the power and now it's time to use it.
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