Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oh! Wayne!

To be honest, I was trying to avoid the Rooney saga but even I can't ignore this.

Sir Alex Ferguson's press conference was candid. To say the least. He has played his hand and now we wait to see if Wayne will check or fold.

So he REALLY wants to leave, Manchester United fans are already up in arms calling Wayne things I couldn't possibly type here ;-)

The point is though: are we honestly surprised?
This is a player who has never felt shy about coming forward. We've all commented on his suspect temperament before. A man who cheats on his pregnant wife. Not just cheats but pays a escort to see him on a regular basis and allegedly participates in a threesome. A man who regularly goes against the orders of his manager - fag anyone! A player who made a snide remark to England fans who had spent their wages to watch him perform like pub player* in South Africa. Not forgetting the fact, he engineered a move away from Everton. Now who taught him how to do that, I wonder.....

So, no I'm not surprised. In fact, more surprising is that he hasn't thrown his toys out of the pram earlier. When he contradicted Sir Alex in the press about his injury, it appears to have been the final straw for the Scot.

Watching the press conference, I actually felt sorry for Sir Alex. He looked like a father who was hurt and confused after the betrayal of his youngest son. With the continual speculation in the press, he had two choices. Continue to lie and try and win the player back or be honest with the fans and media (for a change).

Thankfully, he chose the latter. Firstly, it's great news and secondly the fans that hero worship Rooney deserve to know the facts.

So here they are. Simply: Rooney wants to leave, Man United have offered him a new contract which he is not interested in. Said contract is still on the table if the player changes his mind. Now it's all out in the media, we're all waiting for Rooney's side of the story. And if he did change his mind, is there really anyway back for him now?

With 18 months left on his contract, it would be best for the club to sell him in the January transfer window, particularly with the state of their finances. Though Wayne may wish to see out his contract possibly leaving Sir Alex in the dilemma of using a player who know longer cares for the team.

So, who would have him? Of course Manchester City would love to steal another player from under Sir Alex's nose but would he sell to them. Chelsea have tightened the purse strings but I'm sure Abramovich would authorise spending on England's biggest star. Or he could fly away, with Barcelona and Real Madrid the earlier favourites. Yet, as a girl I have to wonder what Coleen would think about leaving her family. She has a seriously ill sister and may not wish to emigrate with a man she is learning to trust again. Nor, could I see Wayne dealing particularly well in a less physical league, foreign referee's would have a red card frenzy.

What more can I say? Not much, so I'll leave the final words to Sir Alex: "The one thing I said to him was 'respect this club', I don't want any nonsense from you.

"I don't know if he has done that. I have doubts on that, we are reading all these things about falling out with me and all that nonsense.

"It's disappointing because we have done everything we possibly can to help Wayne Rooney ever since he came to the club.

*No disrespect meant to any pub players.

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