Thursday, 18 November 2010

England 1 - 2 France Review

Oh England, England, England.
Oh Capello, Capello, Capello.

Maybe international friendlies aren't a waste of time and money.

What exactly did we learn? Other than the fact that Fabio looks like a twat in a hat!

So here is what I learnt:

*THEO WALCOTT lacks confidence playing for England and it doesn't help when people try to pass the ball, 8 yards behind him.

*England rely on STEVIE G in the same way that Liverpool do. And let's be honest, it ain't bloody fair. He can't be expected to be the player to create everything.

*KIERAN GIBBS is struggling for match fitness and even though it was his first start he will be made a scapegoat for this debacle.

*If GARETH BARRY is the answer, then what the hell is the question?

*Neither ANDY CARROLL nor JORDAN HENDERSON are ready to be regulars in the senior team. Let them continue their education under Stuart Pearce.

*BEN FOSTER is not good enough to be our No.1, his positioning was poor all night and he clearly cannot organise his defence properly. Do they even have any confidence in him?

*PETER CROUCH must be the unluckiest man in the world not to be the first name on the team sheet. Whether or not you like his style of play is irrelevant. His scoring record speaks for itself. He came on and scored our only goal with his first touch! Need I say more?

*France showed us exactly what is possible when you respect and understand your manager and what he asks of you. They played with freedom, they played without fear. And more importantly, they actually played football and attacked us.

Overall it was a disappointing showing by England and I don't buy the fact it was a young team. There was a spine of RIO, STEVIE G, BARRY, MILNER and WALCOTT, all experienced internationally and regular starters. The veterans should have been guiding and talking to the newbies, particularly in a defense that was constantly breached. I continue to wonder if RIO is the right man to wear the Captain's armband.

Once again we look lacking of ideas when playing 'good' international teams. According to FIFA we are 15 places ABOVE France in the World Ranking. Though on tonights showing, it should surely be the other way round.

I'd love to know what you learnt tonight. Feel free to comment.
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1 comment:

  1. I agree on most of the things you said on your article except one: I think Andy Caroll was the best player on the England Team wednesday night... really, he was a poison on the air for the French defense.
    Crouch and Caroll are def' keepers... The others well, you can pretty much toss 'em! lol
    No really for pete's sake, they play for their country, they should be fighting like tigers. I pretty much saw a ressemblance with the French Team of Domenech, and that ain't a compliment... :x