Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Who really gives an Arse?

So allegedly Mr Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal, has been having an affair with a French wannabe pop star 22 years his junior. Mr Wenger and his wife Annie have a 13 year old daughter, Leah.

But along with this breaking news story there is a severe lack of proof. There were pictures of him with Sonia. Walking side by side in an airport. There was a picture of him supposedly shielding his face from the press, though to me he looks like he's fixing his hair. Something all footie fans know he does habitually. There are no incriminating photos, that I have seen. No statement from Mr Wenger, Annie or Sonia.

All we have is innuendo and suggestion.

But to be honest, even if it is true. I couldn't care less. Not because I'm an Arsenal fan or because I worship the ground the Frenchman walks on.

But because unlike some, he has always kept his personal life personal. One fan told me that until this story he had no idea Wenger was married, which pretty much says it all.

He has never conducted his life in the media, nor I doubt he ever will. If it is true, then I will be disappointed to see another married man ignoring his vows. But other than that, nothing.

Until now his private life has never been my business and I don't think things should change now.
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