Friday, 12 November 2010

No Respect for Ray

I know it is not just me who feels a bitter taste in their mouth while reading about Ray Wilkins unceremonious and abrupt sacking by Chelsea football club. I know it is not just me who thinks there is slightly more to the story than what we are hearing in the media. I also know it is not just me who has lost a bit of respect for manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

There have been lots of jokes over the years about the lack of soul in the Stamford Bridge boardroom since Abramovich's takeover, maybe the jokes were true. Is it possible that the jokes were true. I wonder if with all that money comes a lack of morals and a sense of doing things exactly as you like, rather than in a fitting and right way.

Ray Wilkins was not just another member of staff, he was a Chelsea man and I would presume he still is, regardless of how they treated. Ray Wilkins is a football man. As a player he played for Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan, Rangers and QPR. He is respected by all involved in the game and all who love the game. His playing time at Chelsea in the 70's conincided with the teams most successful period before the Russian intervention. A man with blue blood pumping through his veins has been left shock and bemused.

We should all be shiocked but I suppose this is the way of the world now. Loyalty and respect no longer counts in a world of yachts and private jets.

I could go on blaming the money men but there is still enough humans involved in the game to know right from wrong.

So instead, I'll leave you with a quote from Carlo Ancelotti, made on 10th September 2010:

"Without Ray we couldn't have won a thing and I wouldn't have started this year at such a supersonic speed..."

You can tell so much about a man by his words...

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