Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sucker Punch!

Tonight I was all ready to sit down and write a blog about a full midweek fixture list. About the bore draw at Eastlands, Arsenal's record breaking scorer and erratic Newcastle. But I'm sorry I can't because all I remember is Joey Barton's disgusting example of thuggery at St. James Park.

Another distasteful act of violence from possibly the most disliked man in football, after Gary Neville of course.

After a running battle and a couple of shoulder barges, Barton decided to react to this by punching Perdersen in the ribs. Not a slap as he tried to claim later on or even a nudge but a real and direct punch.

Now, I'm all for giving people second chances. We all make mistakes and deserve the chance to atone for our actions. But how many chances does this 'man' want or need? How many more does he deserve?

Once again he has shown a complete disregard for the sport, his club, their paying fans AND his fellow prefessionals. Once again he's shown he has all the common sense of a rabid dog.

Fair enough the referee didn't see it, so I won't blame him for the lack of punishment. But everyone else did, if they didn't, they sure will have by midday tomorrow. And what will they do about it? The FA will ban him and the club will fine him. But is this suffice for what is equal to assault in the world the rest of us live in?

Personally, I don't think it is. He's served the prison sentence, had the expensive counselling and paid the fines that he'll barely notice with his bank balance. And after all that, he continues to behave in such a vile manner.

There's two possible reasons for that:
One. Either he's ill, mentally and unable to control his actions, or;
Two. He just doesn't care.

I know which I think it is. What about you?

As far as I'm concerned he's had his nine lives and the sooner we kick this vile creature out of our modern day game, the better.
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